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Assessment fees are determined each year in consultation with the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council. Parents are notified in March regarding fees for the following year. Parents who sign the Tuition Agreement are expected to comply with its terms or will be assessed out of parish tuition the following school year.


All tuition and fees are paid through FACTS.  There will be a FACTS fee assessed when payment plan is made at registration.  Tuition may be paid monthly, each semester (second due January 15th), or in full (2% Discount given). Below are the tuition costs for the upcoming school year.

2024-2025 School Year Information​

Monthly payments are due July thru April.

2024-2025 Tuition Rate Table

Number of Children.           Curent Families.           New Families. 

1 Child/Family                      $5,050*                          $5,050* 

2 Children/Family                $7,610*                          $8,080*

3 Children/Family                $9,850*                          $12,120*

4 Children/Family                $11,360*                       Each additional child add $500*

          Each additional child add  $500.00


2024-2025  Preschool Tuition**

Prekindergarten (5 day)                          $3,500  

3-year old Preschool (5 day)                   $3,500

3-year old Preschool (3 day -M,W,F)      $2,500                               

3-year old Preschool (2 day -T,THUR)    $2,000

Families who have a child in 4 yr old PreK and additional child/children in K-8, the PreK child will be included in the family rate discount.

A $300.00 Technology Fee for every family is due on July 1st. (Excludes Preschool)

There will also be a additional Technology fee for students going into Kindergarten and 4th Grade.


*(For members of Holy Angels Parish only. Non-Parishioners should add $1,000 per family.)

** Preschool tuition is separate from K-8 tuition.  No multi-child discounts apply.


Tuition includes:

  • Book fees, playground fees and Home & School fees.

  • Additional fees due on FACTS include Technology fee, milk, supplies and gym uniforms if needed.


Tuition Assistance:

  • In order to qualify for tuition assistance you must meet the following criteria

    • Must be a participating member of Holy Angels Parish

    • Must have a student enrolled for a full year before qualifying

  • For tuition assistance, log into your FACTS account before May 15th.

  • If you require other special payment arrangements, please contact Mrs. Sadowski.

  • Also, Holy Angels participates in the "Angel Wings" program to make tuition more affordable. ShopwithScrip is a program by which you, other family members, and/or friends can buy gift cards for your everyday purchases and get a percentage back to your tuition. Contact Julie Smith at and view the shopwithscrip website by clicking here.


Payment schedule:

  • Payment plan will be set up upon FACTS Registration.

  • Second semester assessment is due on January 15

  • If paying monthly, payment plans are set from July- April.

  • All tuition payments must be current by November 15 and February 15 or students will not be allowed to return to school the following week.

  • All fees and/or fines must be paid in full before official school records will be forwarded for transfer students and/or eighth grade graduates, or before final report cards will be issued. Eighth grade students will not participate in the class trip or recognition dinner if tuition is not paid in full. 


Other potential fees:

  • Other fees and participation charges will be assessed through FACTS throughout the year. This includes but is not limited to Sports Fees, Graduation Fees, Drop off Nights, Junior High Dances, etc.


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