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Eligibility Requirements


Representing Holy Angels Parish School in the Aurora Catholic Grade School League is not only an opportunity but a privilege extended to our students. Holy Angels Parish School strictly enforces academic and conduct requirements for students who wish to participate in team practice or competitive play.


Ineligibility will be handled on a weekly basis in grades 4-8 as needed for the purpose of participation in all extra-curricular activities

including: sports practices,band practices, band sectionals, club activities,chorus, guitar, performances, etc. The first time a student’s average in a subject falls below passing, the student will receive a warning note to be signed by aparent. If the average for that class fal

ls below passing a second time during the quarter, the student will be ineligible to participate in all extracurricular activities from Tuesday to the following Tuesday. Parents will receive a written notice of this. Three ineligible evaluations in the same subject may result in a conference with the student’s parents to formulate a Plan for Success. The plan will includesteps for remediation and may include the student not being able to participate inthe activity for the remainder of the season or quarter if band and/or chorus. No

monies will be refunded based upon ineligibility.


Aurora Area Board directives are followed and strictly enforced. Students are required to maintain conduct, effort, and grade levels above passing.

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